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The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future


Anonymous (3)
David and Barbara Burstin
The Philip Chosky Charitable & Educational Foundation
H. Arnold and Adrien Gefsky*
Giant Eagle Foundation
Dr. Solomon and Sarah Goldberg Memorial Endowment Fund
Jean, Lillian and Dr. Henry J. Goldstein Endowment Fund
Edward and Linda Goldston
Frances F. Levin*
Stanley and Flo Mae Moravitz (z"l)
Perlow Family*
Plung/Resnick Family
Rudolph Family
David S. and Cynthia D. Shapira
Deb and Mark Sindler
Joshua L. Sindler (z"l) Hillel Academy Creative Classrooms Art and Music
          Endowment Fund
Edgar Snyder
Dan and Shelly Snyder
Temple Beth Israel Stuebenville, OH

*Represents a planned gift with a present value of $250,000 and above.


Fayth Aronson (z"l)
Dan and Ronna Askin
Nathan and Janice Bahary
Michael and Jennifer Bails
Howard and Elsie Balsam
Deborah and David Baron
Barbara Baumann and Howard Aizenstein
Jack Bergstein
Jane Berkey
Susan Berman and Douglas Kress
Rabbi Aaron and Michelle Bisno
Daniel and Jennifer Brandeis
Robert and Lillian Brent
Michelle Broido and Rick Oberndorf
Sidney and Sylvia Busis
Richard Citrin and Sheila Collins
Kathy and Sam DiBiase
David and Betty (z"l) Dinkin
Brian and Rachel Eglash
Milton and Sarita Eisner
Beth and Daniel Erlanger
Jeffrey and Jennifer Finkelstein
Ruth Ganz
Geoffrey and Laurie Gerber
Caryle and Mark (z"l) Glosser Endowment Fund
Aureen Litt Goldblum (z"l) JCC Endowment Fund
Erica and Billy Goodman
Shirley Gordon Early Childhood Staff Recognition Award
Rita Gould
Guttman Family
Halpern Family
Lester Hamburg Endowment
Bella Heppenheimer (z"l)
Evan and Adrienne Indianer
Jaffe Pollock EKC Scholarship Fund
Jewish Women's Foundation
Bud Kahn
Judi and Manny Kanal
Stuart and Laura Kaplan
Gerri Kaye (z"l)
Ellen and Jack Kessler
Kirshner Family
James and Carmen Kossis
Hana Kovanic
Carl and Elaine Krasik
Krasik Family
Saul H. and Esther Lapiduss Arts Education Scholarship Fund
Marilyn and Earl Latterman
Arnold Lazarus (z"l)
Ken Levin and Marcie Mitre
Jason and Julie Lichtenstein
Lenny Litman Performing Arts Fund
Milton Lopatin Fund
Dora and Joseph Marcus Camp Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey B. Markel and Carol L. Robinson
Lillian and Jack Mervis Fund
Louis and Anne Meyers (z"l), Jack and Bernice Meyers, Tibey and Julian Falk
Philip and Leah Milch
Linda and Stuart Miller
Alvin and Margaret Weinberg Milligram (z"l)
Reuben Eli Mitrani (z"l) EKC Leadership Fund
Laurie and Robert (z"l) Moser
Paul and Avi Baran Munro
Barry and Janice Nathan
K. Sidney and Marilyn Neuman
Jennifer Olbum
Lisa and Lee Oleinick
Elliott Oshry
Gerald Ostrow
Nancy and Woody Ostrow
Anthony and Amy Pardo
Barbara and Lester Parker
Sharon and Eric Perelman
Mark and Carina Perilman
Shneur Plotkin
William and Nancy Rackoff
Geri and Steven Recht
Jean and Paul Reznick
Lawrence and Sandra Rosen
Jerome and Shoshana Rosenberg
Edward Russakoff
Lori and Jimmy Ruttenberg
Charles and Sharon Saul
Veronica and Jon Schmerling
Henry and Laura Schneiderman
Daniel and Barbara Shapira
Robert and Lori Shure
Rhoda and Seymour Sikov
Art and Marlene Silverman
Ingrid and Eric Smiga
Derek Smith
Anita and Albert Smolover
Cheryl and James Snyder
Speyer Family Foundation
Andrew Stewart and Carole Bailey
David Sufrin
Rhoda Lee Tabachnik Children's Theatre Fund
Lisa and Marc Tannenbaum
Mordecai and Sibyl Treblow
Howard and Nicole Valinsky
Mark and Bari Weinberger
Lois and Gary Weinstein
Michael and Melissa Werbow
Leatrice and John (z"l) Wolf Endowment Fund