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The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future

Because CFJF is uniquely structured to support programs immediately, funds are already at work to engage Jews in the region at every life stage. Currently funded programs include:

  • One Happy Camper incentive grants to encourage families to send their children to Jewish overnight summer camp, one of the leading transmitters of Jewish tradition and identity
  • Birthright Israel, to underwrite the participation of Pittsburgh community college-aged students in educational peer-group trips to Israel, another key to building Jewish identity in youth
  • Adult Education, to provide educational opportunities for the lifelong pursuit of Jewish literacy and intellectual growth
  • J-Burgh, to underwrite Jewish programming and build a Jewish community for 20-something individuals at a time of transition in their lives, between completing college and starting their own families
  • Providing synagogues with guidance and support to better meet the needs of the families that engage with them
  • Enhancing teacher training to ensure that we have better and more inspired educators who have the tools to succeed
  • Scholarships to make programs and schools more accessible to more people
  • Jewish Day Schools Tuition, to facilitate enrollment for Jewish children in one of three local schools offering an outstanding Judaic and secular education