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The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future

CFJF News: October 2014

November 4, 2014

The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future is a significant philanthropic endowment effort
benefiting Pittsburgh’s Jewish community, providing immediate and ongoing funding to make quality Jewish learning and experiences available to everyone.

Centennial Match Opportunity Leveraged for “Game Changing” Partnership in South Hills

When the JCC and BBYO, a national, pluralistic organization for Jewish teens, created a strategic alliance that would benefit both organizations, their leaders turned to the Centennial Fund to help raise the $2 million that would make it a reality. That’s because Brian Schreiber, CEO of the JCC, hoped to take advantage of the Centennial Fund’s $1 million matching opportunity, an offer that ended September 30, 2014.

South Hills residents Shelly and Dan Snyder, whose children have been active in the local BBYO chapter for years, immediately understood the value of an enhanced partnership between the two organizations.

They kicked off the campaign with a lead gift to take advantage of the matching fund. For the Snyders, BBYO’s role in their children’s lives inspired them to support opportunities for future participants.

“Both kids took on BBYO leadership roles, so they gained so much responsibility and their confidence grew,” said Shelly Snyder. “It has really given them so much personal growth.”

Synergies between the two organizations make the partnership ideal for area teens. For the JCC, BBYO fills a gap in its teen program offerings, which already include the JCC’s Emma Kaufmann Camp, Diller Teen Fellows (a program of the Federation’s Partnership2Gether project administered by the JCC), and the Samuel M. Goldston Teen Philanthropy Project.

“There is a time and place for structured activities [like the above], and a time and place for teen-led programs like BBYO,” said Schreiber.

Moving BBYO to the South Hills JCC “makes a strong statement to the South

Hills Jewish community,  and the whole city, that the South Hills is a real, vibrant Jewish community,” said Snyder.

Added Schreiber, “This brings the center of operations for a vibrant program to a suburban location, allowing us to more completely fulfill our mission of serving the greater Pittsburgh Jewish community.”

Snyder continued, “Hopefully, it will be a two-way street – if kids are already involved with the JCC, they’ll see BBYO meetings and programs and will want to get involved. Conversely, kids in BBYO will see JCC activities that they will want to join.”

The South Hills JCC will itself be enhanced by the arrangement, since half the $2 million raised will go to capital improvements for the JCC facility.

“The partnership between the South Hills JCC and BBYO takes an innovative approach to investing in the future of Jewish leadership and activism,” commented Federation President and CEO Jeff Finkelstein.

Finkelstein continued, “The Fund will perpetually support the JCC, BBYO and other efforts in addressing the needs of Jews throughout our region and meeting them on their own terms."


Centennial Fund
Quick-Hit Numbers:

$22,927,428 in total funds to date

$3,210,652 contributed to Centennial Fund through $1 million match in
2013-2014 challenge year.

The Centennial Fund is an endowment within the Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh that supports a range of Jewish organizations. Donors can contribute to existing funds or set up new ones. For information about participating in the BBYO endowment effort or to make your own contribution to the Centennial Fund in another need area, contact Sharon Perelman, Esq., Associate Director of the Jewish Community Foundation, at
412.992.5224 or


For a full listing of current donors to the Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future, including Founders, click here.

For a complete list of beneficiary agencies, synagogues and initiatives supported by the Centennial Fund, click here.

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For more information about the Centennial Fund or the Jewish Community Foundation, please contact
Dan Brandeis at 412.992.5220 or dbrandeis@jfedpgh.org or
Sharon Perelman at 412.992.5224 or sperelman@jfedpgh.org.